12 November 2007

David Elsewhere

I like to imagine that his name comes from where he usually was when people were reifying the dance-idea of popping and locking into specific, formal categories. He was elsewhere, in his basement, in front of a mirror, having attended a single popping showcase or watched one breakdancing video. After that initial contact, David went down to his basement, forget almost everything about what he had just seen, and didn't come back up until he was the master of his own style. A similar story is told about Kid Koala, who is sort of analogous to David as a strange scratch DJ. These moves, though.... What can we even do with them? They are difficult to process, coming so obviously from Elsewhere.


Coogan said...

a buddy of mine is kind of the same way: he learned to pop and lock from his computer when he was in the wasteland also known as midwest Ohio. i'm not sure how i feel about it, since i feel so much of the breakdancing tradition is one of struggle, true self-expression. not mildly-disturbing repetition.

Ted James said...

That was old Autechre he was moving to. Dope.